Efficient Vehicle Routing. In the classical Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP), routes have to be planned to fulfill the demand of customers. The goods transported on a certain route may hereby not exceed the capacity of the used vehicle. RoutingSolver can compute solutions with a gap to the best known solutions of 1% and less in a few minutes, making it one of the most efficient algorithms in literature.


Scaling. RoutingSolver scales extremely well in problem size and can compute solutions for routing problems with tens of thousands of customers, for instance to plan the parcel distribution in Flanders.

Problem Variants. RoutingSolver can be adapted to solve related routing problems. Routing with mutiple trips, inventory constraints, and mutiple depots can currently be solved at a high-quality level, and further extensions are planned. In the case that the best locations for the depots have to be planned as well (Location Routing Problem), RoutingSolver constitutes the state-of-the-art solver.